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Every Experience Counts

P&G understands the importance of professionally cleaned spaces. P&G Professional leverages P&G’s scale, trusted brands, and strengths in market and consumer understanding to meet the specific needs of Long-Term Care Communities. Because first impressions and lasting experiences are so critical, P&G helps their business partners apply innovative technology to the science of commercial cleaning. They understand what people want, and their products and services help communities meet people’s needs.

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Long-Term Care

With an increasingly aging population, long-term care facilities and nursing homes are caring for more patients than ever, balancing cost-control with safety and quality of care. McKesson knows the long-term care space and can provide the innovative technology and supply solutions you need to manage your facility and stay competitive in your market.

Our McKesson Medical-Surgical division gives you broad access to nationally recognized brands of supplies and equipment, plus our own exclusive McKesson Brand – quality medical products at competitive prices.

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About Medline

Medline is America's largest provider of medical supplies and solutions, family-led for four generations.

Medline’s history dates back more than a century, to a time when many surgeons still wore their own clothes during surgery and gloves had not yet been introduced to provide a barrier against germs. Our roots date back to 1910, when A.L. Mills moved from Arkansas to Chicago and started Northwestern Garment Factory.

Today, Medline is the nation’s largest privately held and one of the fastest growing distributors of medical and surgical supplies in the United States, serving hospitals, nursing homes, surgery centers, physician offices, home care dealers, home health agencies, retail outlets and other health care markets. With this rapid growth, we have strengthened our focus on innovation. We now have more than 160 patents globally.

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Business Program

Join the Value First program through Office Depot's Business Program by clicking here to set up your business account, place an order or speak to your Office Depot representative. All Value First Members are able to take advantage of the National Contract that has been implemented with Office Depot, which includes significant savings on office supplies, furniture, technology and your copy & printing items.

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The Sysco Story

Sysco has sales and service relationships with approximately 425,000 customers and remains committed to helping them succeed in the foodservice industry and satisfy consumers' appetites. Operating from 194 locations throughout the U.S., Bahamas, Canada, Ireland & Northern Ireland, Sysco's product lines are as diverse as the 50,300 employees who support its daily operations. They include not only the ingredients needed to prepare meals, but also numerous ancillary preparation and serving items. As a result, Sysco can make a difference in its customers' lives and the success of their businesses.

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Discover TENA®

As the worldwide leader in incontinence products, TENA is dedicated to improving the quality of everyday life for anyone dealing with the Unexpected Leak™. Get to know who and what we stand for. And see how TENA products can help you, or someone you love, get back to living life fearlessly.

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Your Partner in the Business of Food

US Foods is one of America’s great food companies and a leading foodservice distributor, partnering with approximately 250,000 restaurants and foodservice operators to help their businesses succeed. With nearly 25,000 employees and more than 60 locations, we provide our customers with a broad and innovative food offering and a comprehensive suite of e-commerce, technology and business solutions.

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