What is the word on the street?

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Al Griffin
CFO at Blakeford
Nashville, Tennessee

“With Value First, we estimate a savings of $50-K per year in food purchases and $6K per year in medical supplies. While continuing to purchase from the same vendors that we currently use!”

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Donna Bremiller
Vice President of Operations & COO at Mennonite Village
Albany, Oregon

“We have been so pleased that we get the same high quality service at lower costs with Value First.”
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D. Bruce Jones
CEO at Vicar’s Landing
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

“Value First worked hard to compare our costs and find us savings. I see them as a critical business partner in my CCRC organization!”
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David Fulcher
President / CEO
Milwaukee Catholic Home
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“Our Value First representative came in and spent time with our team. She facilitated the paperwork and we realized over $17K in savings.”
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Gary Marsh
President & CEO at Masonic Homes of Kentucky
Louisville, Kentucky

“Value First is the most complete, most cost savings GPO representing the senior living association. Very professional representatives.”
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Charlene Everett
CEO, Odd Fellow Home
Green Bay, Wisconsin

“When making a purchase, our protocol was always to get 3 bids and then make a decision. Now, we just use Value-First and we know we are getting the best buy for our dollar.”
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September Fray
Executive Director, Holgate Center
Portland, Oregon

“We at Holgate Center enjoy the EASY savings from Value First. All we do is sign up and save!”
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Lucas L. Propstmilik
Purchasing Coordinator
Dominican Sisters of Springfield, IL

“Trust is a big key for me. I genuinely believe that Value First has the best interests of the Dominican Sisters of Springfield Illinois in mind, and that the companies associated are held to a higher standard in regards to their ethics.”
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Dan Goodier
Executive Director of Christian Community Homes and Services
Hudson, Wisconsin

“I thought we had the best pricing available. But, Christian Community Homes of Hudson had Value First conduct a cost study with Sysco, and this year will be the first time that we will see a decrease in our food costs by utilizing the Value First contracts. Value First is really worth checking into. Highest recommendations!”
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Shirley Barnes
CEO of Crest View Senior Communities
Columbia Heights, Minnesota

“We are looking forward to the partnership between Value First and MedAssets, as we are already realizing a significant savings with our food vendor since we changed to the National agreement. In these days of finding ways to reduce expenses, without reducing quality, this is one very significant way that all of us can save resources and still have the same, or even better, quality.”

Any provider of services to the long term care community is eligible to be a participant in the Value First program.

Enrollment in Value First is simple. To enroll and become eligible for our discounted pricing all you need to do is sign a simple participation agreement that gives you access to all of the vendors but does not obligate you to purchase. You can pick and choose as many or as few of the contracts from the portfolio of vendors as you need. You can belong to more than one GPO. This is a non-exclusive program.

Enroll at no cost to you. Contact us here for more information.
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alue First is a group purchasing organization (GPO) that leverages the buying power of LeadingAge members across the country to get the best pricing on a comprehensive selection of high-quality products and services.